Mad Satta / Comfort

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Artist Name: Mad Satta
Product Code:SSRi-0105

A captivating new school soul created by eight young and sharp sensibilities!

Mad Satta is a band consisting of eight talented members that emerged from the art city of New York. Center vocalist Joanna Teters has a sexy and soulful voice that is said to have been influenced by Erykah Badu, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Bob Marley, and others. Featuring a three-person horn section, the group's debut album ``Comfort'' is currently being released in New York. It's making me feel good. The band's much-talked-about debut album is produced by Prince Charles Alexander, who has worked with Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blidge, Destiny's Child, and has won a Grammy. It's a punchy and exciting album that skillfully mixes sounds ranging from soul/R&B to jazz. This is a new generation album that appeals to a wide range of listeners, and is a must-see.


  1. Sattalude #1 (01:17)
  2. Reach Out (03:37)
  3. Better (02:10)
  4. Oh Lord (05:02)
  5. See Through You (04:28)
  6. The Makings Of You (04:17)
  7. By Your Side (03:41)
  8. Sattalude #2 (01:20)
  9. Past Lives (02:25)
  10. Epiphany (03:29)
  11. [Japan Bonus Tracks]
  12. Movin On' (03:13)
  13. Beauty In Disguise (02:49)
  14. Red Box (03:46)