Krystle Warren / Three the Hard Way

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Artist Name: Krystle Warren
Product Code:SSRi-0136

A genuine "voice of the soul" that feels the essence of black music, completed with a Grammy Award producer.

Krystle Warren is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist born in Kansas City and based in Paris. She has been called the ``Parisian version of Nina Simone'' for her extremely sophisticated sound that incorporates various elements such as folk, jazz, gospel, soul, blues, funk, and pop, as well as her jazzy, smoky, and elegant singing voice. It has received high praise. His debut work "Circles" released in 2009 was highly praised from various quarters and was even featured on the BBC. Furthermore, their second album ``Love Songs'', released in 2011, was praised in a British newspaper as ``one of the best albums of 2011''. Her latest album, ``Three the Hard Way,'' was produced in collaboration with Grammy-winning producer Ben Kane, who has also worked with D'Angelo and Emily King. This is a piece that approaches the essence of black music, skillfully manipulating the attractive colors of gospel, early R&B, and blues, and perfectly expressing a sometimes provocative, sometimes soft, and deep worldview.


  1. So We Say
  2. Nae-nae and Ruthie
  3. If Memory Serves Me Well
  4. Thanks and Praise
  5. I Hope He Comes Back
  6. Red Clay
  7. Get a Load
  8. Learn to bend
  9. Move
  10. Us [Japan Bonus Tracks]
  11. Born in the Fall [Japan Bonus Tracks]
  12. Cool Water [Japan Bonus Tracks]