Kaori Sawada / Affectionately Yours

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Artist Name: Kaori Sawada
Product Code:LSR-0001

High-quality JPOP by a valuable singer-songwriter who continues to create authentic music

Kaori Sawada has chosen from the many songs she has been dreaming up until now, and has captured her precious thoughts and the trajectory of her life in this album, just like a letter sent to a loved one. This album is a project driven by Kaori Sawada, who produced and produced it herself, cutting out the noise in order to create something really good with underground sessions and musicians she connected with overseas. To create real music by taking all the risks. This is an important album created by cutting out the noise and going into the studio with my trusted friends. With this CD, she speaks to the world through the real music she has experienced in Japan and overseas, as well as her own experiences. How many people will resonate with the moment of release of true artist "Kaori Sawada" and lead her to a new world will depend on the ever-changing music love of listeners.


  1. Keep On!! (04:27)
  2. sea ​​(05:07)
  3. Cat (05:24)
  4. Freesia (06:02)
  5. BUTTERFLY (04:02)
  6. Eternal Lights (05:23)
  7. Affectionately Yours (04:14)