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Artist Name:jitwam
Product Code:SSRi-0169

Psychedelic rock x hip hop x house x soul...a number of groovy songs that cannot be categorized. The Japanese version of the 2nd album by the genius who creates a unique sound world that even Moodymann has recognized is now available.

Born in Assam, northeastern India, jitwam is a producer/singer/multi-instrumentalist who currently lives in Brooklyn and travels around the world. His sound, which seamlessly incorporates psych-rock, hip-hop, house music, soul, and jazz, has been highly praised, and his songs have been compiled into "DJ-Kicks" by Moodymann, a charismatic member of the Detroit scene, and he has also opened for Roy Ayers at live shows. Has experience working.

The Japanese version of his 2nd full-length album ``HONEYCOMB'' will be released with 5 bonus tracks added. This work is a work that condenses the flavor of dance music that is sure to be popular in the club scene, and live music that can be enjoyed in a band set. He stands in a unique position in the lineage of unique composers from India, as well as among professional musicians in Europe and America, and says the following about his work. ``Jimi Hendrix, J Dilla, Moodymann, RD Burman, Bjork... They're creating their own world view, and I want to achieve the same thing with my own music.'HONEYCOMB' is a rock song. It's a world where 'n' roll meets soul, blues sings techno, and jazz can transform into anything.'' The vocals have a noisy sound that sounds like they're using a broken microphone, and the sounds of live instruments, synths, and hammering. This is a must-listen album, where the sound world wrapped in exquisite intertwined textures will envelop you in the most comfortable way.


  1. bus stop
  2. temptations
  3. diamonds
  4. hearts don't lie
  5. i'm a rock
  6. i don't know
  7. bitch
  8. universes
  9. trustt
  10. open doors
  11. country & western
  12. aria's song
  13. universes (ocean mixxx) [Japan Bonus Track]
  14. i'm a rock (ocean mixxx) [Japan Bonus Track]
  15. trustt (ocean mixxx) [Japan Bonus Track]
  16. diamonds (Horatio Luna's Thunderstorm Mix) [Japan Bonus Track]
  17. temptations (Glenn Astro Interpretation) [Japan Bonus Track]