Jesse Gannon / Future Vintage

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Artist Name:Jesse Gannon
Product Code:SSRi-0054

New acid jazz that shines colorfully with playful and exhilarating sounds like Maroon5+Jamiroquai

Jesse is a multi-artist who advocates a new style of Acid Jazz that combines the exhilaration of catchy funky and the smoothness of Jazz with his soulful and smooth singing voice reminiscent of Stevie Wonder, outstanding vocal power, and superb keyboard skills. Gannon (Jesse Gannon). He is a pianist, lyricist/composer, producer, and vocalist, demonstrating a high level of talent that sets him apart from others, and he has participated in many musical activities in St. Louis and overseas. He has shared the stage with many local artists including The Temptations, Steve Ewing and India Arie. His debut album ``Future Vintage'', which summarizes his nearly 10-year career, is full of originality and dynamism created by the improvisational nature of music, and each song shines colorfully with playful songs and lyrics. It is finished in one piece. Jesse Gannon has a deep understanding of music that delves into all genres, and a playful sound created with high-level talent. A colorful and brilliant gem full of the career of a key player who will usher in a new era of Acid Jazz is finally here!


  1. Come and Stay (03:44)
  2. Restless Mind (03:31)
  3. Strange Girl (00:46)
  4. Times are Tough (05:40)
  5. I Can't Stop (04:22)
  6. Livin' it Up (04:46)
  7. Disillusion Girl (07:55)
  8. The Rest of The Story (04:48)
  9. Tenderly (07:38)
  10. Strange Girl (Reprise) (00:52)
  11. Umbrella (She's a Lady) (06:00)
  12. Reality (07:36)
  13. We Gave It All (03:54)