Inohs Sivad / No Goodbyes

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Artist Name: Inohs Sivad
Label:Sound Thought
Product Code:STR0006

The taste of Rock and Funk added to 80's POPS and Neo Soul is an exquisite spice! Overcoming sadness and reaching new heights as an artist

Inohs Sivad is an artist who continues to stoically create conceptual albums. Her musical style is a unique mix of 80's pop, neo-soul, and even a touch of rock and funk, creating a sound unlike any other. Her musicality has reached the level of art, and she is truly worthy of being called an "artist." The sadness that befell her. It was the death of my beloved mother. Since releasing her second album ``Changes'' in 2007, she has continued to support her mother who fought cancer without losing sight of her purpose in life, and has devoted herself to the production of her third album as a blessing for her mother's life. . The completed 12-track full-length album ``No Goodbyes'' changes its expression rapidly, from pop rock like Sade and Flying Lotus to electronica, neo-soul like Lalah Hathaway to hip-hop, but the underlying soul is blurred. This is a work that allows you to feel its charm to the fullest. Each chord, the sound of the strummed strings, the sound of the snare and the touch of the keyboard all have meaning, and the music that delicately depicts her emotions highlights her side as an artist. Inohs Sivad's soulful album, which has overcome his grief and grown as an artist, is a must-listen work of art.


  1. Overcome (02:09)
  2. Leap of Faith (04:17)
  3. Let It Go (05:21)
  4. Gotta Be Good (05:10)
  5. Stories (05:15)
  6. Thank You (04:57)
  7. With Me (03:55)
  8. Deep, Pt. 1 (05:17)
  9. Calm (04:28)
  10. Deep, Pt. 2 (05:34)
  11. Metamorphosis (05:17)
  12. No Goodbyes (02:56)