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Shocking like ATCQ + Lucy Pearl...! Wonderful neo-soul from the US

INNOSPHERE is an experimental NEO SOUL sound duo discovered in Chicago. In-No-Sphere: Named with the spirit of not fitting into one genre or space (Sphere), Innosphere is created by pianist/producer/composer Kenny Keys, who has a background in classical jazz and blues. The group is comprised of vocalist Nina Rae, who has shared the stage with Common and Q-Tip. They continue to create music born of vision and ambition to create something fresh, new, and larger than life, in a style that bridges funk, hip-hop, jazz, and R&B. If you listen to their debut album ``Shine'', you will be overwhelmed by the dopeness of the sound and the endless pursuit of coolness.


    1. Shine (2:07)
    2. Gotta Be Me (3:36)
    3. Lay It Down (Interlude) (1:03)
    4. In The Heat Of The Night (1:38)
    5. Artists' Responsibility (0:28)
    6. Me NU (3:52)
    7. Taken Back (Interlude) (0:49)
    8. Everlasting Love (3:51)
    9. Run To The Sun (2:02)
    10. Shine (Outro) (0:44)
Japan Bonus Tracks
  1. EZ (4:02)
  2. Better Days (3:17)
  3. Love Me 4 Life (3:53)