Greg Dean / The Greg Dean Project

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Artist Name: Greg Dean
Product Code:SSRi-0112

A superb neo-soul album by a genius producer from South Africa featuring many current artists such as Jarrod Lawson.

Greg Dean is a producer from South Africa. He is also active as a keyboardist and songwriter, and under the name ``GB Collective,'' he has written many hit songs, mainly for artists from his home country, and has shown his presence as a leading figure in the South African music scene. Now, the full story of his first album, which he has been producing under his own name, ``Greg Dean Project,'' has been revealed. "Unconditional Love", which was released as the lead single, is a pop number filled with fresh love featuring two artists who are currently attracting attention: Jarrod Lawson and Chantae Cann. In addition, cutting-edge music gathers together, including the dramatic "Grass Ain't Greener" with the sweet singing voice of talented R&B singer Eric Roberson, and "That Would Be All", which is carefully listened to by Grammy-winning Gordon Chambers. Set in the city of New York, it is a rich piece of content that features a gorgeous collaboration between Greg, a regular on the hit charts, and trending artists who decorate the modern soul and R&B scene.


  1. Unconditional Love ft. Chantae Cann & Jarrod Lawson
  2. Grass Ain't Greener ft. Eric Roberson
  3. Pitter Patter ft. Carol Riddick
  4. Colors ft. Jarrod Lawson
  5. Like Rain Interlude
  6. Like Rain ft. Natalie Weiss & Amber Iman
  7. That Would Be All ft. Gordon Chambers
  8. Keep On Lovin You ft. Chester Gregory
  9. Denial ft. Mykal Kilgore
  10. Sacrificed Queen ft. Aaron Marcellus
  11. New York 6 Train ft. Chantae Cann
  12. Chocolate Vanilla ft. Brian Temba & Reason [Japan Bonus Tracks]
  13. Ooh ft. Chad Saaiman [Japan Bonus Tracks]
  14. Paradise ft. Chad Saaiman & Kelly Khumalo [Japan Bonus Tracks]