Gabriel Tajeu / Southern Skies <Regular Edition>

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Artist Name:Gabriel Tajeu
Product Code:SSRi-0115

Introducing the best surf sound with a gentle and smoky singing voice! Must listen to catchy, bluesy songs and pleasant melodies

Gabriel Tajeu is a singer-songwriter from Birmingham, Alabama. He is attracting attention as the "next generation John Mayer" who spins melodies with a guitar in hand and a gentle, smoky voice, and his first album "Finding My Way" released in 2014 was released alongside Aloe Blac, Bruno Mars, Fitz and the Tantrums, etc. It was selected as a ``2014 Critic's Pick'' by and received high praise from American critics. Gabriel's 2nd album ``Southern Skies'', billed as ``an even more soulful project'' than his previous work, has finally been completed. Gabriel's charms, such as his graceful falsetto and finely honed sense of harmony, which stood out in the previous work, are carried over into the second album, and are even more powerful. It is a heartwarming piece full of soft warmth and love. The domestic version is a deluxe version that includes acoustic versions of two songs selected from the main album, such as "Southern Skies" and "Forever", as bonus tracks.


  1. Down To The Wire (04:00)
  2. The Beat Goes On (04:05)
  3. That's What I Want (03:54)
  4. Not My Place (05:25)
  5. Some One To Love (03:59)
  6. Forever (03:56)
  7. Southern Skies (03:58)
  8. Sunday's Best (03:12)
  9. Instrumental (01:35)
  10. Out Here Tonight (04:01)
  11. Icarus (04:41)
  12. Southern Skies (Acoustic)(04:24) [Japan Bonus Track]
  13. Forever (Acoustic)(04:01) [Japan Bonus Track]