Gabriel Tajeu / Finding My Way

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Artist Name:Gabriel Tajeu
Product Code:SSRi-0045

Introducing the best surf sound with a gentle and smoky singing voice! Catchy, bluesy songs and pleasant melodies are a must-have this summer!

With a guitar in hand, he puts on a track that is a pleasant blend of folk rock and R&B/Soul, and the melody he creates with his sweet, smoky voice is bluesy and endlessly comfortable. Gabriel Tajeu is a promising singer-songwriter reminiscent of the next generation of John Mayer and Ben Harper. He grew up listening to R&B singers such as legendary Luther Vandross and Brian McKnight, and while he can clearly feel their influence in his singing style, phrasing, and chord progressions, he also says, ``Ben Harper, Ryan Adams, Joni Mitchell, etc. He intentionally incorporates things that he doesn't have, such as the lyrical sense, rock feel, and song structure that exist in music,'' he says, creating his own unique musical outlook. Regarding his solo album ``Finding My Way,'' he says, ``Over the past few years, I have come to understand music and myself, and the time has finally come for me to share my music with the world, not only as an artist but also as a human being.'' It took several years of writing, composing, arranging, and recording, and can be said to be the culmination of his work. From "Rain Drops" (#1), a pleasant blend of soulful organ and rhythm melody pop, to "Self-Righteous" (#2), a relaxing beat that you'll want to listen to on a summer beach. This is followed by “Darling Please” (#3), where the guitar tone creates a romantic atmosphere, and the song is spectacular from the beginning. After that, "Doin' Just Fine" (#12) continues to play, with refreshing and familiar melodies and organic, gentle sounds that give you a summer feel! “The next generation John Mayer”, Gabriel Tajeu, has finally released a masterpiece that allows you to fully enjoy his unique musical outlook!


  1. Raindrops (04:16)
  2. Self-Righteous (04:19)
  3. Darling Please (04:42)
  4. I'll Take What She Gives (04:36)
  5. Patience (03:28)
  6. Something It Ain't (04:02)
  7. And I Say (03:00)
  8. Weight of the World (04:59)
  9. How Do I Tell Her (03:56)
  10. Why Should I (03:40)
  11. All I Want Is You (04:07)
  12. Doin' Just Fine (02:50)
  13. Why Should I [Unplugged] [Japan Bonus Tracks] (03:50)
  14. Raindrops [Unplugged] [Japan Bonus Tracks] (04:48)
  15. Darling Please [Unplugged] [Japan Bonus Tracks] (04:31)