Dolla Lova / Fall For You

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Artist Name:Dolla Lova
Label: Dolla Lova
Product Code:LOVA001

A trio of rising stars who are attracting attention in the Nordic soul world make their debut! “Soul-Hop” with its soulful singing voice and comfortable Hip-Hop beat is a must-listen!

Dolla Lova is a trio from Finland consisting of vocalist Heini Ikonen, drummer Eliel Viitala, and bassist Tatu Santaniemi. They say they were strongly influenced by Mary J. Blige, and they have a "Soul-Hop" sound in which Heini's emotional and soulful singing blends comfortably with tracks accented with hip-hop-like rhythmic loops and electro sounds. He is one of the hottest names in the Scandinavian soul world. Their debut work “Fall For You” also features Scandinavian representative Axl Smith! A well-balanced collection of 10 high-quality songs, it is recommended not only for Soul/R&B fans but also for Hip-Hop fans. The Scandinavian Soul Festival will also be held, and you can't miss listening to the finest Scandinavian "Soul-Hop" where the soul fever is on the rise!


  1. Intro (02:34)
  2. Gotta Have (04:46)
  3. Hopeless Dreamer (04:25)
  4. Be Mine (04:31)
  5. If You Knew (03:10)
  6. Made Me (03:17)
  7. Flying High (04:35)
  8. Smallest Thing (04:07)
  9. Lost My Way (04:23)
  10. Fall for You (11:00)