DeRobert & the Half-Truths / Beg Me, Soul in a Digital World

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Artist Name: DeRobert & the Half-Truths
Product Code:SSRi-0106

The essence of soul that cuts into the modern music scene! Pay attention to the overwhelming sound that inherits the legend of 60's soul

Tennessee-based DeRobert & the Half-Truths' weapon of choice is old-fashioned wood, full of the heavy smell of red clay and sweat that is typical of the southern states. That must be a good sound. The deep and deep sound they produce is currently attracting attention not only from black music listeners but also from the DJ world. They specialize in a performance style that uses strong brass, and captivate people with their funky southern soul.The core of their band is their vocals, which are reminiscent of Tony Award-winning Broadway star Billy Porter.・DeRobert Adams has a husky, soulful gospel-inspired voice. DeRobert & the Half-Truths' ``Beg Me, Soul in a Digital World'', which will be released in Japan, includes many songs that can be considered homages to the soul of yesteryear. In today's increasingly diverse music scene, this is a can't-miss album that approaches the essence of soul.


  1. Beg Me (02:12)
  2. Just Don't Care (02:36)
  3. Fingertips (02:25)
  4. Reachin' Out (02:57)
  5. Call Me (03:29)
  6. The Joy (03:57)
  7. Poor Man Walk (02:30)
  8. I Know (03:12)
  9. Take Me Out of the Dark (03:08)
  10. The Feel (03:56)
  11. Disappear (On You) (02:43)
  12. Japan Bonus Tracks
  13. Just Don't Care [Instrumental] (02:52)
  14. Fingertips [Instrumental] (02:22)
  15. Reachin' Out [Instrumental] (05:07)