Datsunn / Familiar Faces

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Artist Name: Rob Milton
Product Code:SSRi-0157

Discover up-and-coming producers in Canada! A masterpiece that becomes a debut work and a masterpiece.

Datsunn is a singer/producer based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He was influenced by artists such as Roy Ayers, Lewis Taylor, J Dilla, and 9th Wonder, and left Canada to perform internationally. Through this process, he came into direct contact with music from all over the world, in addition to his original influences, and developed a sophisticated musical sensibility and technique. Datsunn's ``Familiar Faces'' is a masterpiece that combines a high level of perfection that belies a debut work, and a warmth that befits a debut work. His classical track making sense based on soul and funk is outstanding, and he makes great use of artists with different colors such as Omar Aragones, Zillie Holiday, and Saint Amour, who have shaggy singing voices like Anderson .Paak. . Datsunn says he just makes music that he wants to listen to. Keep an eye out for his pure love of music and ever-evolving high-class sensibilities.


  1. Film '68
  2. The Plan ◀︎PUSH!
  3. Blow Away Breeze
  4. Extra Love (feat. Munch)
  5. Sad Day, Syke (feat. Zillie Holiday)
  6. Wonder (feat. Omar Aragones) ◀︎PUSH!
  7. Heavenly (feat. Saint Amour, Munch, Zillie Holiday) ◀︎PUSH!
  8. Don't Need You (feat. Jemille Ali)
  9. Searching
  10. Never Find (Interlude)
  11. La Famille (feat. Sam Be Yourself)
  12. Back of my Mind (feat. Jacob Sigman, Munch) ◀︎PUSH!
  13. Beautiful Land