Dani Elliott/Take It Back

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Artist Name: Dani Elliott
Product Code:SSRi-0033

The most cutting-edge Jazz-R&B created by Dani Elliott, a highly anticipated newcomer who also served as backing vocalist for The Roots!

A promising newcomer who will cut sharply into the established singer-songwriter world has arrived. Her name is Dani Elliott. After obtaining a doctorate in vocal performance, he refined his vocals under the guidance of many famous musical directors, and after graduating, began collaborating with and working as a backing singer for many famous artists, including Sheryl Crow, The Roots, and Mya. His background is truly that of a music elite. In addition to this, she has an outstanding artistic sensibility and extensive experience in musicals, and the expectations of those around her are skyrocketing! The works she creates are excellent works that fully demonstrate her experience and excellent sensibilities, and you can feel her energy intensely. Her music is extremely sophisticated, with a vocal influence of Roberta Flack, Jill Scott, and Corinne Bailey Rae, combined with the essence of musicals, and shows a sharp artistic sensibility rarely seen in recent years. You can see her solid ability to bring things together. ability, sensitivity, and experience. It is rare to find someone who possesses the skills necessary to be an artist at such a high level. Don't take your eyes off Dani Elliott, who continues to gain attention at this very moment!


  1. Take It Back (03:32)
  2. Trouble (03:40)
  3. Mistah Man (03:40)
  4. Get Up (03:38)
  5. Blissful Apathy (03:53)
  6. Never Knew (04:34)
  7. Change (05:03)
  8. Lockdown (03:33)
  9. Can't Make Up My Mind (03:58)
  10. Leave (ft. Julian Velard) (03:56)
  11. Break (05:31)
  12. Nobody Knows Me (ft. Julian Velard) (04:00)
  13. Give You More (Acoustic)[Japan Bonus Tracks] (04:22)
  14. Stranger (Acoustic)[Japan Bonus Tracks] (04:26)