Columbia Nights / In All Things

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Artist Name:Columbia Nights
Product Code:SSRi-0109

Next-generation sound from a production team from Washington, DC that continues to explore new approaches to black music.

Columbia Nights is a unit based in Washington, DC. They are a production team that is currently attracting attention, developing an unconventional sound that fuses soul, R&B, hip-hop, electronica, and jazz. Hayling Price and John E. Daise, who were in a band together in college, formed a duo after graduation, and their career began. After several years of production, the two have created a unique sound that combines a style that combines analog and digital elements with a world view that is as contradictory as light and shadow, coexisting in an exquisite balance. Eventually, he met Sarai Abdul-Malik, a vocalist who majored in jazz at Howard University, and with her generous support, he completed his debut album ``Dawn | Dusk.'' The two, who received high praise for this work, called in former bandmate Jason "BrotherSpanky" Edwards as a new member in search of further evolution of their sound. With a fresh start, the new Columbia Nights explored a completely new approach, and the result was the album ``In All Things,'' which has now been decided to be released in Japan. The trio captivate listeners with a sound that evokes a wide range of influences, from soul to fusion, hip-hop, and electronica, and a worldview that transcends genres. Their extraordinary sound, which was praised by the Roy Ayers Project, gives you a sense of the energy that will propel soul music forward in the future.


  1. Sphere
  2. Now feat. Diggs Duke
  3. Cerulean
  4. The Rhythm feat. Sarai Abdul-Malik
  5. Coming Home feat. Aaron "AB" Abernathy
  6. Neverend feat. Siaira Shawn / All For You
  7. Ever Between feat. B.Jamelle
  8. Glide feat. Vaughan Octavia
  9. In All Things
  10. Circle
  11. Japan Bonus Tracks
  12. Wait A While
  13. My Groove feat. SassyBlack
  14. Marbles (Interlude)
  15. Vibrate feat. Malik Hunter