Cleveland P. Jones / Ace of Hearts

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Artist Name: Cleveland P. Jones
Label: P3P Music Group
Product Code:CLEVELA1

Rich southern soul with a story that will shake your soul! A must-listen to Al Green's groove and Janis Joplin's powerful vocals!

Cleveland P. Jones is a one-of-a-kind soul vocalist and singer-songwriter who adds the power of Janis Joplin to a groove reminiscent of Anita Baker and Al Green. His ability as a vocalist is top-notch, with the huge bass and extended high notes of the soul singers of yesteryear, and the powerful shout that makes you think of Steven Tyler. He is also a true artist with remarkable ability as a performer/songwriter whose ability to draw from his own experiences and deeply resonate with listeners is reminiscent of the likes of Bobby Womack. Their ability has already been recognized in the United States, and they won the "New Artist of the Year" award given to the most active new artist of 2013 at the Reader's Choice Award, which is held every year on the largest soul site SoulTracks. The music that Cleveland plays proves the richness of its musical backbone, with elements such as rock, country, and reggae interwoven here and there while being based on old-school southern soul. Introducing a high-quality record that will surely touch your heart the first time you listen to it.


  1. Go On (01:37)
  2. Give A Damn (03:59)
  3. Patience (04:02)
  4. Same Page (01:26)
  5. Don't Leave Me (06:07)
  6. Free Yard Sale (04:03)
  7. Heart Breaks (02:34)
  8. Ace of Hearts (04:36)
  9. Think It Over (04:10)
  10. To My Father (02:22)
  11. Lesson Learned (04:18)
  12. Back To Me (05:07)