Claire Reneé / Let Me Glo

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Artist Name:Claire Rene_
Product Code:SSRi-0149

A new era of jazz-soul by a diva whose delicate singing voice, spiced music, and physical expression through dance all lead to her path as an artist.

Claire Reneé is an artist who pursues her own expression as a singer, songwriter, and dancer. Although she started dancing at the age of 4 and aspired to become a dancer, she is blessed with diverse talents such as a husky and elegant singing voice and songwriting skills, and is enrolled in multiple music schools including the prestigious Berklee College of Music. decided to concentrate on full-fledged activities as an artist. In 2017, in addition to his own production activities, opportunities to be used as a featured artist increased, and his name became popular in various media such as Afropunk, The 405, Un Popular Culture, and 21 Ninety. Her album ``Let Me Glo'' contains 11 songs, including a total of 9 songs that combine a delicate and gentle singing voice with a moderately punchy new jazz sound, and a bonus track limited to the Japanese version. From the cutting edge of future soul to the roots of jazz, a new generation of jazz soul has been born here, which is rich in variety yet gives you a sense of unwavering core strength.


  1. Dear Me
  2. Yes You Are
  3. Can I Talk to You
  4. Easy Come Easy Go (Nights With You)
  5. Secret Affair
  6. lol
  7. Why You Watchin' Me
  8. Highs and Lows
  9. Love so Hard
  10. [Japan Bonus Tracks]
  11. LOL (K, Le Maestro Remix)
  12. LOL (eu-IV Instrumental Remix)