Carolyn Malachi / RISE [Story 1]

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Artist Name: Carolyn Malachi
Product Code:SSRi-0119

The latest work from Grammy-nominated SSW, featuring a variety of expressions ranging from R&B to jazz, blues, and African music!

Carolyn Malachi is a singer-songwriter from Washington, DC. As the great-granddaughter of jazz pianist John Malachi, she grew up blessed with a musical background. She has created a wide variety of sounds that skillfully incorporate jazz, hip-hop, spoken word, GoGo, etc., and a world view full of her own imagination. has gained a following of fans. In 2010, their single "Orion" was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Urban/Alternative. Malachi, who is said to have been influenced by Yasiin Bey, Radiohead, and Sarah Vaughan, has been praised by the American cable TV channel BET as "Sweet Songstress." With Malachi's latest release, RISE [Story 1], she brings the music of her beloved hometown to the forefront of the modern music scene. It is a song rich in story that symbolizes her worldview.


  1. Introduction I Wish
  2. Chapter 1 Grass ft. John Malachi
  3. Where I Come From
  4. Blowing Smoke
  5. Sky ft. Wes Watkins & Got My Own Sound
  6. We Like Money ft. Michelle Blackwell
  7. Dwee Doh
  8. Chapter 2 Bring Me a Pretty Woman ft. John Malachi
  9. If You Ever Lay a Hand on Me
  10. Honey Blues
  11. Funk You Andrew
  12. Til' The Cops Come Knocking
  13. Primary Color [Japan Bonus Track]