Candace Bellamy / In My Lane

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Artist Name: Candace Bellamy
Label: Candace Bellamy
Product Code:25096

Don't miss this for southern soul fans! A highly anticipated work featuring the bassist who has played with Sly Stone and Jimi Hendrix!

Candace Bellamy is a soul singer from Knoxville, Tennessee, the same city as Memphis, the mecca of soul music. She moved from Knoxville to Austin, Texas, where music is popular, and while working as a doctor, she studied music at the University of Texas for a year and took voice lessons, pursuing music stoically. They have established a retro and powerful style that fuses gospel, soul, blues, jazz, rock, and country. Her ability naturally attracted attention, and Stevie Ray Vaughn's composer Ruth Carter and legendary bass player Jimi Calhoun, who played with Sly Stone and Jimi Hendrix, among others, collaborated with her and lent their support to music production. Become. In My Lane follows the 2010 EP A Thousand Shades of Blue, which received rave reviews on Soul Tracks. ``People often ask me why I do music when I have such a great job as a doctor, and the answer is simple: Because I love music,'' says Candace Bellamy, whose new work is filled with her love for music.


  1. Put Down The Foot (03:46)
  2. I Don't Know (04:02)
  3. Like Honey (04:40)
  4. Johnny (05:11)
  5. EXpect (04:19)
  6. Walk Away (06:16)
  7. Skies Are Gray (04:18)
  8. Might As Well Be U (03:08)
  9. Sweet Sweet Soul (03:09)