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Artist Name: Brian Owens
Product Code:SSRi-0029

A new, authentic soul singer has appeared in America, reminiscent of the second coming of "Marvin Gaye" or "Raphael Saadiq." His poems, like those of the soul legends of yesteryear, contain appeals to the times that represent people's feelings, as well as exquisite love ballads for those he loves. He says, ``Today, as always, the things that scare us and the things that make us happy exist universally in this world, and it is very natural to sing about them.'' The cutting-edge style of new classic soul, which combines songwriting that captures people's hearts, a universal and pleasant organic sound with a modern polish, and sophisticated visuals, is a masterpiece of the great past. It makes me feel the same charm that I felt for soul singers. The appearance of such a highly-anticipated soul man is attracting increasing attention from listeners in the US. His numerous TV appearances confirm that he is an artist with high expectations, and even now he has appeared on the iconic American news program "Good Morning America" ​​and performed his singing voice in front of President Obama at the White House. continues to attract attention. Here is the debut work of Brian, who is sure to climb the ladder as a soul legend.


  1. Soul Anthem (Bring it Back) (01:49)
  2. Keep Movin' On (03:46)
  3. I Just Want to Feel Alright (03:57)
  4. Open (Lovely Day) (04:13)
  5. Beautiful Love (03:55)
  6. Let's Get Out (03:25)
  7. Till Morning Breaks (03:54)
  8. Oh I (05:10)
  9. Troubled Man (03:41)
  10. The Answer (PS-If You Wanna Feel Alright) (03:55)
  11. [Japan Bonus Tracks]
  12. Bring It Back (Intro) (Live) (03:25)
  13. I Just Want to Feel Alright (Live)
  14. Love, Love (The Anthem) (Live) (07:47)
  15. Troubled Man (Live) (05:38)