Bashiri Asad / Living the Dream (LTD)

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Artist Name:Bashiri Asad
Label:Sound Thought
Product Code:STR00008

Thick, strong, deep. Sparkling sweetness and blackness will cause a love revolution! The rare SWEET SOUL MAN, a super authentic male singer, is finally here!

A soul singer representing modern black contemporary music has emerged from America, the home of soul, with an authentic derivative sound and a deep, thick and powerful singing voice. Indianapolis soul man Bashiri Asad is influenced by Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Sam Cooke, and Otis Redding. He is known as the "Everyday Soul Singer" because he reflects his everyday feelings and emotions into music, and his singing voice moves the souls of those who listen to him. The sound created by his strong desire and passion for soul has become known as "indie soul" (Indianapolis soul), and his name has spread not only in his hometown but throughout the United States. Following the EP "The Space Between" which was released in 2011 and featured in various web media including SoulTracks, this year's release "Living the Dream (LTD)" is sure to increase his reputation even more. Good work without. In this, he sings everything from classical soul like Raphael Saadiq to songs with a neo-soul/R&B feel like early Bilal and Speech, showing off his abilities to the fullest. The day when the flow of "indie soul" created by Bashiri Asad will take the world by storm will soon come. A superb record that feels that way has been completed.


  1. Who We Are (04:28)
  2. Longest Moment (03:36)
  3. Dance With You (03:22)
  4. I Desire (04:15)
  5. Claustrophobic (03:06)
  6. Looking Back (03:42)
  7. LTD (03:33)
  8. Broken (03:26)
  9. Monster (03:40)
  10. Beautiful You (03:29)
  11. Love Revolution (03:43)
  12. One More Day (04:39)