Avery*Sunshine / The SunRoom

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Artist Name:Avery*Sunshine
Product Code:SSRi-0074

The hottest contemporary Soul/Gospel album full of colorful songs released by the talented diva who made her spectacular debut!

Avery*Sunshine is one of the most anticipated singer-songwriter and pianists in the current soul scene, and has earned a reputation for her solid ability and track record. Her debut self-titled album, released in 2010, featured Soul/Rare Groove legend Roy Ayers as a guest on two songs, and his supple vocals and heart-shaking performance created a huge response. is. ``The SunRoom'' is Avery's new work, completed four years after such a spectacular debut. This work is a work that shows that her talent, which appealed to the world with her critically acclaimed previous work, has grown deeper and wider. While mainly featuring the lineage of their debut work, they deliver colorful music such as fun and hopeful up-tempo numbers, soulful groove numbers, sublime ballads, and gospel tracks that give off a profound feeling. . "I have been looking forward to delivering music to more listeners," she says, and the superb album she has created will finally make those words come true here in Japan.


  1. Won't You Try
  2. Call My Name
  3. SYWIGT [Interlude]
  4. One Foot Ahead
  5. Meditation #1 (Conversation with God)
  6. Time To Shine
  7. Nothing To Something
  8. I Do Love You (You Ain't Got To Lie)
  9. Meditation #2 (Conversation with Him)
  10. Sweet Afternoon
  11. See You When I Get There
  12. Safe In His Arms
  13. Won't You Try (Acoustic) [Japan Bonus Track]
  14. Call My Name (Acoustic) [Japan Bonus Track]
  15. See You When I Get There (Acoustic) [Japan Bonus Track]