Sola Rosa / Low and Behold, High and Beyond

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Artist Name:Sola Rosa
Label: Rosa
Product Code:WU009

A perfect band that pursues quality things! “Genuine” music spun with an exquisite sense of balance

Sola Rosa is a band centered around New Zealand-based producer Andrew Spraggon. Their sound is characterized by danceable beats and well-crafted, heartfelt melodies that perfectly blend various genres such as Hip Hop, Jazz, Raggae, Deep Funk, and Soul. Their passion for music can be felt throughout the production process, and their commitment to sound making is especially extraordinary. The core parts of the song, such as horns, guitars, strings, percussion, drums, and bass, are recorded as live sounds, and then synthesizers and input sounds are skillfully manipulated and fused to create both a warm live sound and a novel texture. . The fresh sound of this stoically crafted band sound that can be called "perfectionist" is sure to warm the souls of listeners and captivate them. And Spraggon is a person who prioritizes talent and only features artists that he truly feels are good, regardless of whether they are active on the front lines or in the underground scene. Rather than attracting attention by inviting big name artists as guests, they simply compete with the sound they believe in. And his current work, ``Low and Behold, High and Beyond,'' is a genre-less and passionate album. The show opens with “Promise,” which reminds us of the beginning of summer, followed by “Real life,” a beautiful and pure sound featuring LA Mitchell, and “Wiggle,” a danceable number that will make your body move on its own, and a variety of other music. You can fully enjoy the high-quality sound that has been carefully selected. Their popularity has skyrocketed as they continue their energetic activities, reaching number one on New Zealand's iTunes chart and touring all over North America and Australia, and have finally been featured on a BBC radio program! Keep an eye on them as they continue to be active all over the world with this one album as their starting point!


  1. Promise Ft. Olivier Daysoul (04:30)
  2. I'm Not That Guy Ft. Spikey Tee (04:00)
  3. Spinning Top Ft. LA Mitchell (03:26)
  4. Lions Den (04:40)
  5. Rise (The Machine) Ft. Spikey Tee (04:22)
  6. Misunderstood Ft. Miles Bonny (04:43)
  7. Real Life Ft. LA Mitchell (04:28)
  8. Wiggle Ft. Olivier Daysoul (03:06)
  9. Never Enough Ft. Ned Worboys (04:53)
  10. In My Dreams Ft. Spikey Tee (05:10)
  11. Loveless Ft. LA Mitchell (03:51)