Marie Dahlstrom / Feelings

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Artist Name: Marie Dahlstrom
Label: JFH Records
Product Code:JFHR0001

Amel Larrieux of the 21st century! The finest jazz soul sound woven by the gentleness of light and the beauty of shadows that draw you in.

A big artist who will lead the next generation of jazz and soul scene has appeared from Denmark, Northern Europe. Marie Dahlstrám is an artist with a clear and relaxed singing voice and a unique talent for vocal arrangements that captivates the audience. Her singing voice is gentle and soulful, and has been described as the 21st century's Amel Larrieux. However, her talent, which also has a more moody, ``shadow'' beauty that draws you in, gives you a sense of a depth that doesn't fit into the framework of previous artists. ``Feelings,'' which includes six songs spun from her mouth with such unfathomable ability, is a masterpiece that fully demonstrates her talent. Her clear and crisp vocals intertwine with the melody, creating an excellent jazz sound that balances modernity and classic soul. “What Did You Say” has an impressive piano melody and singing voice that seems to squeeze out her emotions, “Feelings II” has a sad feeling with the sound of wind instruments at key points, and neo-soul based on acid jazz. Even in "I Want A Man," which exudes a similar feel, it is a work that once you experience the world feel, it makes you want to hear more. There is no doubt that the art of light and shadow that she emits as she sets out on the world stage will breathe new life into the world's soul scene, which is full of ordinary talent.


  1. What Did You Say (02:59)
  2. I Want a Man ft. Lea Beck (03:15)
  3. Interlude (01:54)
  4. Could We Buy a House ft. Lea Beck (03:32)
  5. True Love Is ft. Yannick Harrison (03:49)
  6. Feelings II ft. Lea Beck (03:38)