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Artist Name: Jaz Karis
Product Code:SSRi-0159

Following in the footsteps of Jorja Smith and Mahalia, the UK soul diva appears, creating an unprecedented soundscape with her beautiful and lustrous vocals.

UK soul songstress Jaz Karis follows in the footsteps of a new generation of young talent such as Jorja Smith and Mahalia. An alumnus of the prestigious BRIT School, which produced the likes of Adele and Amy Winehouse, she recorded 2 million views in just two months after appearing on the channel ``COLORS'', which introduces many of the best new songs and artists from around the world. He is attracting a lot of attention as the next star who will lead the new generation. Her debut and self-titled work ``Jaz Karis'' is a masterpiece that skillfully expresses the unique texture of soul music with the essence of jazz with a light and beautiful voice. Each song has its own unique expressions, such as “You Do (feat. Blue Lab Beats),” which has a tight beat by Blue Lab Beats and glossy vocals, and “Pretty Dreamer,” which delicately depicts a scene as if it were spinning a story. 12 unique songs will captivate listeners. It is a masterpiece that is sure to move the hearts of listeners around the world, packed with real words and sounds that stir emotions.


  1. Freedom (Intro)
  2. Want (feat. TINYMAN)
  3. Sugar Don't Be Sweet ◀︎PUSH!
  4. You Do (feat. Blue Lab Beats) ◀︎PUSH!
  5. Sunrise (feat. Afronaut Zu & Sillkey)◀︎PUSH!
  6. Sillkey's Reprise
  7. Petty Lover
  8. Pretty Dreamer ◀︎PUSH!
  9. Good to Me
  10. Get You
  11. Yellow Painting
  12. Petty Lover (Stripped Back Version)