Hyleen / B-Side

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Artist Name:Hyleen
Product Code:SSRi-0133

A new frontier in Seoul reached by a young French genius multi-artist! A new sound with a live feel that is condensed with creativity.

Hyleen is a multi-talented singer/guitarist/songwriter from the French Riviera. The talented actress majored in musicology at university and further deepened her understanding of music and art culture at the National Conservatory of Music in Paris, and began her career in earnest in 2013. The debut album ``Welcome'' was mixed by Q-MIllion, who also mixed Robert Glasper's ``Black Radio'', and the EP ``Elusive'' that was released after that debuted as a top seller in the soul/funk category on Bandcamp for several weeks. It quickly attracted a lot of attention. Her latest release, ``B-Side,'' embodies a free and fresh worldview with a unique feel, using the three keywords of ``live feel,'' ``organic,'' and ``electronic.'' The genre-transcending sound born from a rich variety of musical backgrounds such as soul, jazz, funk, neo-soul, and hip-hop is truly cutting-edge. Please enjoy the rich 13 songs that are a condensation of the creativity of a new generation.


  1. Dark Knight
  2. Looking At
  3. My First Of All
  4. Breeze
  5. Beside You
  6. I'm On The Ride
  7. I Just Wonder
  8. Fly High
  9. Black Box
  10. Beside Me
  11. To you
  12. Whatever
  13. I Just Wonder (B-Side)