Havana / Entervention

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Artist Name:Havana
Product Code:SSRi-0102

The world is paying attention to the vivid next-generation neo-soul! A new diva is born that captivates people with her vivid sound and lyrics.

Havana is a singer-songwriter based in San Diego, Southern California. Although her debut album ``LIFE'' was released in 2005, it sold 18,000 copies even though it was an indie album, and her high-quality sound, which exquisitely blends her smooth and cute singing voice with urban tracks, attracted a lot of attention. Her charm lies in the fusion of her sexy and lovely singing voice, her vivid and clear sound, and her conceptual lyrics rooted in her past. Their 2nd album ``Entervention'', which has been decided to be released in Japan, also shows off their charm to the fullest. Although the concept is based on the suffering and conflicts that she faced in her childhood, the sound that surrounds the entire work has a tropical mood just like the previous work, and the development is rich in sharpness, and it is never heavy and you will find yourself listening to it. ``Rather than pursue a traditional R&B singing style, I want to pursue a cheerful and lively expression that is unique to me,'' says Havana. We hope you will experience the next-generation electro-soul created by translating the life-sized messages woven through her singing voice into powerful beats.


  1. It Ain't New (02:58)
  2. Nitelife feat. Trackademics (03:39)
  3. Shoulda Walked Away (03:54)
  4. Daylight (02:58)
  5. Not Affected feat. Bennie Herron (04:52)
  6. Repeat Offender (03:14)
  7. Heartache (03:52)
  8. In Touch (04:51)
  9. Journal (03:32)
  10. Higher (03:27)
  11. Japan Bonus Tracks
  12. Shine (03:17)
  13. Yeah (05:22)
  14. Search In (Only You Know) (05:13)
  15. Tangled (03:32)
  16. Shine (Nic's Remix) (05:30) [Special Bonus Track]