Brian Owens / PREACH! The Soundtrack

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Artist Name: Brian Owens
Product Code:SSRi-0089

The world of orthodox soul that has been carefully selected! The cutting edge of new classic soul is here!

Brian Owens is an authentic rising star soul thinker who reminds us of the return of Marvin Gaye and Raphael Saadiq. A universal and pleasant orca sound with a modern polish, a sophisticated appearance and demeanor, and a song that represents people's feelings.The best of new classical soul. A new soul star running at the forefront. Here in Japan, he released the music album ``Moods & Messages'' in 2012, and the tribute album ``You're All I Need_Brian Owens Sings Marvin Gaye'' in March 2014. Brian Owens' latest work, "Preach! The Soundtrack," is a masterpiece that further refines the cutting-edge style of new classic soul that he showed in his debut work, "Moods & Messages." Unlike mere retro/nostalgia, the world of "new" classics pursued with firm conviction is a pleasure that you won't be able to escape once you experience it. Introducing a must-listen album that only deep fans should listen to.


  1. Intro (Clap Yo Hands)
  2. Favored High
  3. Love, Love (The Anthem) feat. Nao Yoshioka
  4. Help the People
  5. You've Heard it Said Pt. 1
  6. You've Heard it Said Pt. 2
  7. Preach
  8. Don't Worry
  9. Put Down The Gun
  10. Help the People (Reprise)
  11. Looking for a Daddy feat. Theresa Payne
  12. For You
  13. Bonus Track