Nao Yoshioka / Undeniable [Vinyl]

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Artist Name:Nao Yoshioka
Product Code:MCP-0006LP

New York-based Japanese singer Nao Yoshioka's latest work, which challenges the US mainstream head-on, is now available in analog format.

Nao Yoshioka, a Japanese singer based in New York!
Nao Yoshioka is a Japanese soul singer who moved to the US in 2018 and has been enjoying unprecedented success as a Japanese soul singer, reaching #32 on the Billboard Urban Adult Contemporary charts and receiving acclaim from Rolling Stone. Undeniable" is the latest release from Nao Yoshioka, who has moved to New York and released his first album in three years, and is a stunning fusion of organic and digital sounds that are timeless and in tune with the theme of "impulse". The album, which is his fourth album to break into the mainstream of US R&B, was co-written in New York, LA and Philadelphia with Eric Roberson, Carli Mateen, Devin Morrison, Keir Victoria and other up-and-coming young artists, and was reconstructed with a band including Kyriam Shakespeare. The band played in a reworking of the piece. Philly masters such as Larry Gold and Vidal Davis also lend their skills, resulting in an aggressive, sensitive, world-class album.



  1. Got Me
  2. Boundaries
  3. Liberation
  4. About U feat. Eric Roberson
  5. Loyalty


  1. All in Me
  2. Invest in Me feat. Carolyn Malachi
  3. Up and Away feat. Chris Turner
  4. Love Me