Akira Nakamura MASTERCLASS 2023.6.18 @studio TERRANOVA

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Akira Nakamura MASTERCLASS

Musician and drummer Akira Nakamura has stayed in Boston, Berlin, Shanghai, and Tokyo, observing the relationship between music and society in each country, and has earned the trust of many artists in each region. He has built a career as a professional musician.

In this master class, we will develop the technical theory and individuality theory necessary to get a job no matter where you are in the world. What does it take to work as a drummer in the world? Being able to play an instrument logically is a must, but what's even more important is being able to play with your individuality. We will explain how to practice both while actually playing the instruments in a small group.

Rather than focusing on "chops (techniques)," we focus on the quality and individuality (groove) of the sound, and think about how to utilize these to play music.

*We will ask ticket buyers to ask questions in advance. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Akira Nakamura MASTERCLASS

date and time

Date: Sunday, June 18, 2023
Time/Start: 14:00-15:15 (75 minutes) *Please arrive 15 minutes early to avoid entering the venue 30 minutes before the start.


Studio TERRANOVA / Studio C
MAP: https://goo.gl/maps/mJMy7EtzfjopDEVS8
Website: https://www.studio-terranova.com/


Amount: 5,000 yen, 3,000 yen for students (please show your student ID)
Capacity: 20 people

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Inquiries: 03-6416-8690 (Weekdays 11:00-18:00)


  • If the number of participants increases, the venue may change within the same building, so please follow the staff's instructions.
  • Please refrain from taking photos or videos.

<Agenda for the day (subject to change) >

Main topics

① Differences between Japan and other countries in performing

② Individuality vs. the whole? ?
- The importance of finding your groove

③About my experience as a Music Director (Bangmas) overseas - How do you deal with artists?

Technique edition

“About hitting fast, thick, loud beats and the necessity of that.”

・Focus on the backbeat ・Constant sound quality ・Importance of wrist stroke ・How to use your body ・No-rebound stroke ・Stick speed


・Don't be just a drummer, be a musician!
- About supporting the songs and supporting the musicians - Differences in performance methods in large and small venues

Ryo Nakamura (drummer/composer)
Born in 1979 in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture.
Studied violin and piano since childhood.
Entered Berklee College of Music in 1998. After graduating, he began his professional career based in Boston.
From 2004 to 2005, he performed in Shanghai, China, and in 2005 moved to the United States, Los Angeles, and New York.
Moved to Tokyo in 2009. In addition to his activities as a support drummer, he also works in his own band and as a music director, producer, and arranger.
In 2015, we moved to Germany. After 4 years of music activities in Berlin, he returned to Okinawa in 2019.
Currently in Okinawa, in addition to his performance activities, he also works as a music business director.

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