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Artist Name:Nao Yoshioka
Product Code:MCP-0016LP

"Flow," a collaboration realized with the new generation of artists leading scenes worldwide, is now available as a limited-edition clear green vinyl!

- The story of rebirth starting from post-pandemic Tokyo, breaking a five-year silence -

A liberating sound of unity and renewal born out of the pandemic, resonating with representative artists from various scenes around the world.

Nao Yoshioka's latest album "Flow" was created after overcoming the trials of the pandemic and rediscovering the light, featuring artists who represent scenes from various countries. This collaborative work bridges the divided world through music. Prominent artists from the US, UK, Netherlands, Australia, and Japan, including Devin Morrison, Takuya Kuroda, Reuben James, MXXWLL, Jarreau Vandal, and JAEL, come together to highlight her musical identity. The engineering team includes top talents like Qmillion, who mixed Robert Glasper's iconic works, and Sam Brawner, who worked with Anderson .Paak. This album, themed around the journey of self-discovery and self-expression through challenging times, is driven by Nao Yoshioka's deep creativity drawn from a state of flow, leading to a liberating sound that moves the listeners' hearts and bodies, guiding them into their own states of immersion. A fusion of soul, R&B, jazz, and funk, this work stands as a symbol of hope and rebirth that Nao Yoshioka delivers to the world, resonating as a timeless musical baton.

The Journey to "Flow": A Story from Self-Destruction to Rediscovery

In 2019, Nao Yoshioka released her previous album "Undeniable" and was based in New York. Soon after, the pandemic hit, forcing her to return to Japan. The subsequent five years were filled with continuous struggles. Her dreams were shattered by the pandemic. Suffering from autonomic imbalance and panic disorder, she was compelled to fundamentally reassess her way of life. This self-destruction marked a moment of parting with the "self she wanted to be." However, this led her to meet her true, awkward self and guided her to genuine self-discovery. By accepting her "authentic self" and temporarily setting aside her career, she pursued what genuinely moved her heart, discovering a version of herself that shone more than ever before. This process is connected to the album's theme of "flow." This fifth album can be seen as a re-debut of her new self. On the other side of the door opened by a forced reset lay a new world. "Flow" features Nao Yoshioka's honest and mature music, which has built upon her career without being confined to the past nor denying it.



  1. Free as a Bird feat. Jarreau Vandal
  2. My Love feat. Jarreau Vandal
  3. Nobody Chase Me feat. Devin Morrison
  4. Love Is What We Find feat. JAEL
  5. Knock on Your Door feat. Big State 
  6. You Never Know


  1. Feeling So Bright feat. MXXWLL
  2. Unapologetically Me feat. Takuya Kuroda
  3. Anywhere Anytime feat. Nappy Nina
  4. Selfish feat. Reuben James
  5. Note to Self feat. Devin Morrison
  6. Let It Flow